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Orbis Rexha in Macedonia

Posted on Behalf of Orbis. Hello My dear YMCA family. I’m Orbis Rexha and I’m a volunteer at the YMCA in Kosovo . I had the chance to be a participant of The training Named “Fighting youth unemployment through empowerment” in Macedonia.  It was a great experience for me especially getting to know new people from different cultures and breaking down all kinds of stereotypes. The other participants were from all over Balkans and Europe so the diversity was big but when we started to work together we became one!  The Program was great at first we learned theory but we had the chance to express ourselves later on and did much research and practice. The trainers were great and very flexible ,tolerant and very professional. It was a little bit sad that none of the participants and even the trainers didn't know what YMCA is or anything about it , but that gave me the great pleasure of telling them about our Family and our great work that we do and people were fascinated about it . 


Welcome! The George Williams Youth Association is the YMCA in Kosovo! Here on this blog we will have testimonies and stories from staff, trustees, volunteers and young people. We will try and capture our projects and International experiences.  We are always looking for friends and participants to blog to all our friends in Kosovo and around the world so if you feel you have something to contribute please get in touch! The blog will at times contain thoughts and feelings of individuals and service users and do not necessarily express the organisation or the further movements position or stance. Please try and respect peoples writing and any comments should be positive and add value to whats written. This blog was created for us to share our learning, journey and experiences as we journey together. TOGETHER WE ARE YMCA