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You’ll find a family there by Anjesa

 I first started in September of 2012. I appreciate two of my friends Martin and Adrian who have been informed about the leadership training and invited me... in fact, I wasn't sure if I should go or not. I was very disappointed from the youth center of Gjakova in which I was registered as a volunteer and I have never been called in any activity because they were really passive in those days. Anjesa at the Youth Ambassador meeting The first day in YMCA was unexpected, I had fun and met new friends. Dorina was our trainer and she tried to leave us good impression about YMCA. We never did training like this in Gjakova, so as the first group we were one step before other young people. We had training once a week, but for us it wasn’t enough, we wanted more. Every day we spent there was really worthy, without mentioning the issues related to the space. Anjesa and Durim in Greece  After two amazing years spent in YMCA, even by having the chance to lead a group whi

I found LOVE. I found HOPE by Dren

The first time I heard about YMCA I honestly thought  it was a waste of time! However  I had nothing to do at that time... I was 15, no activities, nothing out of school and it was only once a week training. I didn’t have a great experience with my group and didn't know anyone so it wasn't a great first experience. But I came. Dren representing YMCA in Kosovo as Change Agents in France  My mom was a big reason for me to come every week, she trusted the leadership and every time I felt anxious she reassured me. It was hard at first but then something became a thing and I felt comfortable coming every week and then there were days I didn't want to come but I still came. Dren and the other participants joined the Wonderful Days Festival in Denmark Then I  volunteered and become a peer trainer. I didn’t know my partner Drenusha at first, but after we worked together more and more she become a really important person in my personal and YMCA lif

There is no other place that makes me feel myself! by Fiona

The first time at the YMCA, I didn’t have a clue what it was, what happens and I don’t know what made me to continue the training... it was just a feeling that kept me.  Fiona is a Youth Ambassador There is no where or better yet there is no other place that makes me feel myself. The motivation that I get every time I enter the organization, I feel safe. I know there are people there who protects my rights. Fiona and her participant during Leadership Training I had a lot of problems to express my thoughts, being a ‘"peer trainer" has helped me a lot! I even trained two groups of young people who were successful and completed the three levels of leadership training. Leadership training The first time I meet an international person was at the YMCA, the first time I traveled abroad was with the YMCA, the first time I flew on an airplane was with YMCA, everything I started YMCA helped me make it possible. I found myself here, considering that I