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Hello from Germany!!!

I am Martin part of GWY team in Gjakova. Yesterday I visited YMCA Kolleg in and YMCA University in Kassel, Germany. Also I had some meeting with officers in YMCA Germany. It was a pleasure to see students learning on an institute of real education, spirit and physical preparation. I hope soon people from GWY will have the opportunity to join schools like this one in a short future. It is so important to break the ice of communication and one day to have some cooperation. Greetings from Burgdorf, Germany!

Greetings from Arber Beqiri Living in Sweden

Hi everybody ! My name is Arber Beqiri and I am a board member in my local YWCA-YMCA in Västerås ,Sweden. I work mostly with art programs within the YMCA, like Street art, graffiti and screen printing but I am also in charge of the web administration and the graphic design production for the organization. I meet Adrian at the General Assembly in Manchester and I was amazed of what a great job you guys were doing in Kosovo. I was born in Kosovo, Mitrovica but I've lived mostly outside the country, I did not really know that there was a YMCA in Kosovo until I meet Adrian at the GA, but now I know and I would love to keep in touch with you guys. I would love to blog sometimes about what we are doing here in Sweden, because I feel that in that way we can inspire and motivate each other in the best way . I will take part in the festival in Prague this year, so I look forward to meet some of you there ! Blessings, Arber