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Prague and beyond...


Being part of YMCA/RGE

For those who don't know what YMCA/RGE is please visit their page by clicking here.

By being part of this movement I am having the chance to know more for YMCA as a global organization, meet people from different continents and feel more important in YMCA family. It is a great pleasure to participate in online meetings and I can easily say that big things are expected to come from this global team.

YMCA/RGE is open for all people who are ready to make positive changes and actions in YMCA family and their community.
I am looking forward for every meeting to come because I really enjoy brainstorming, planning and acting with YMCA/RGE part of YMCA World Alliance.  RGE is the voice of young members in the World Alliance of YMCA.
Martin Berisha GWY - YMCA Kosovo