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Prague and beyond...

As I wrote this blog my body has been left sore and broken from a 30 hour road trip has left me needing much recovery, in recent years my heath has not been the best but I have had luxury for too long of flying around to international conferences with our movement, so I decided to travel from Kosovo to Prague with bus. For many participants from Kosovo this was their first trip outside of the country, something I take for granted as a British passport holder and yet at the same time something special as young people’s first experience abroad was with our movement.  Our first stop was at Prizren (2 hours from the capital in Kosovo) to pick up a participant and allow for a cigarette break, I decided to take the opportunity to use the bathroom but was greeted with an Asian toilet? Now for those reading wondering what such a thing is, it’s basically a hole in the ground… nothing more, nothing less! No seat, no bowl…. Just a hole!!!! Luckily I had come across this type of thing b

Being part of YMCA/RGE

For those who don't know what YMCA/RGE is please visit their page by clicking here . Photography from Adrian Davies  By being part of this movement I am having the chance to know more for YMCA as a global organization, meet people from different continents and feel more important in YMCA family. It is a great pleasure to participate in online meetings and I can easily say that big things are expected to come from this global team. YMCA/RGE is open for all people who are ready to make positive changes and actions in YMCA family and their community. I am looking forward for every meeting to come because I really enjoy brainstorming, planning and acting with YMCA/RGE part of YMCA World Alliance.  RGE is the voice of young members in the World Alliance of YMCA. Martin Berisha GWY - YMCA Kosovo