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That City is Awesome!

This year I participated in the “Youth in Peace Education” Training that took place in Istanbul from 22-28 of September. The training was organized by IYLA, UNICEF and HABITAT. It’s main topic was on how to achieve peace, how to deal with conflicts and conflict analysis. We had two great coaches from Germany and Catalonia, they taught us many things that I know I will always need! I found out about this training on a Facebook group that’s about youth. It’s kind of funny because two days before finding out about this training I told my family that I would like to go to Istanbul. So, I felt really happy when I saw the application. I read the description and knew that it would be a great experience.  After that two amazing ladies helped me with the application answers, the YMCAs CEO gave me a great reference which i needed for the training. On September 4th, I got an e-mail saying that I was accepted. I couldn't feel happier! On September 22nd, I traveled from Pristina to Ist