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We all have a role in facilitating peace personally, locally, and globally! by Aoileann Conway (YMCA Ireland)

   Name: Aoileann Conway Where I live: N. Ireland Profession: Community Youth Work (Ulster University graduate) Age: 24 Interesting fact: I live for the outdoors and a good cup of tea! m-power is a youth project that is in nine YMCA’s and one YWCA and delivered in 10 locations across the isle of Ireland. The youth project is supported by the European Union’s PEACE IV program and naturally concerns itself with building, promoting, and facilitating peace. The three core pillars in which the project is based are good relations, personal development, and citizenship. Each program is delivered by qualified, professional youth workers in a non-formal, youth work setting. It offers qualifications, new experiences, adventure, outdoor pursuits, sports, difficult discussions, and a time to reflect. Each program has the same foundation, yet no two are the same as they are rooted in meeting the needs of individual young people to support their growth and personal development. I deliver the youth p