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Arber's Story

Hi dear friends!
I want to tell you guys of how the YMCA helped me to evolve as a person and also directed me in new interesting paths in my life.
I spent most of my life outside of Kosovo. In 2002, my family decided to move back after living 9 years in Switzerland. I ended up spending 5 years in Kosovo end I can easily say that those were the happiest years of my life, even if we didn’t have the best financial situation as a lot of other kids in my town, we still managed to have a lot of fun and in the same time we did learn how to love and help each other.
Me and my friends were engaged in a lot of programs and organizations in my town like the local youth center and the red cross, so when my family decided to move to Sweden in 2007, this was not really happy news for me, because of the fact that it was really sad to leave all these amazing people behind and the whole project that we worked so hard for.
So the first days in Sweden were really hard and I missed everything I had left…

Dorina in Norway