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It's never too late to join the YMCA by Ylli

Coming straight from Italy, feeling lost for a couple of months in Kosovo and finding my way back to the new home called YMCA, this how my journey sounds so far, but let me get into the details.  Ylli at the Gjakova Y Back in September (2019) I returned in Kosovo after one year of european voluntary service (EVS) that I did in Turin (Italy) in a community center named Il Passo Social Point. It was an unforgettable experience that I will always remember as the best period of my life, but as they say  "the show must go on" and so it did.  During the first three months of my comeback in Kosovo, I started working on a job that I didn't like and that I couldn't share my creativity. I was feeling frustrated and a bit lost. People who know me well, they know how much I love working with young people, so I started applying in every job that was related to human interaction. One late night evening, when I was ready to give up, I recieved an unexpected phone call fr

Memorable experiences by Shpat

When I first found out about the existence of an organization like the YMCA in Kosovo that supports youth empowerment, I did not show any interest, but I decided to go to the leadership project and see what activities does this organization. Shpat Ramosaj Right from the first meeting I realized that the idea of ​​coming in was not a mistake, but I was very happy and decided to continue. During those first weeks I really had a great time and memorable experiences, at the same time we were trained about leadership and having a great time with friends. In addition to leadership training, the YMCA made me expand my social network with new friends and strengthen my relationship with old ones. Shpat and his friends during the leadership training  The days at the YMCA were memorable, I would recommend to any young person to join the YMCA because such experiences should not be missed and must be experienced! *The "mY community" project implemented by GWY is implem

Article written by Radio Goraždevac 102.5 MHz- inter ethnic youth collaboration

In Kosovo, many people still have a pattern of identification based on ethnicity or religious identity laden with security and incidents, especially in the Peja region. Inter-ethnic relations in Kosovo are, to put it simply, specific, and this is particularly reflected in the example of integration of returnees. There are few examples of genuine multi-ethnic cooperation in the Peja. However, it exists through the cooperation of civil society. Two projects are currently happening in the Peja region, involving young people from numerous communities. One is run by the George William Youth Center (YMCA) and the other by the Osojana Community Minority Rights Center. The Youth Building Bridges project is led by Zana Ramovic from Peja. "What we are currently doing is through art. We work in Goraždevac, Peja, Gjakova, Junik and Deçan. So far, we have held eight workshops on tolerance, peace, democracy, teamwork and conflict resolution." says Zana ramovic from the YMCA. Marko Me

Can’t wait for more! by Edona

I am Edona Vitija, 18 years old and I am part of the YMCA in Kosovo for almost a year now. For the time that I spent here, I have experienced extraordinary moments, I have learned so many important things that made me change myself, and my friends to become better. I have also met so many amazing new people and we have learned a lot from each of them. Edona Vitija Last summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Gender Junik Camp, where the main topics that we discussed were about violence, stereotypes, prejudices, and feminism. It was one of the best trips in my life. We had so much fun and it helped us to release stress by practising yoga and mindfulness. Edona in Junik Camp Another great experience started later that year, when we opened the first Leadership group in Prishtina. We just finished the Community Module, and started on the level. I can’t wait to finish the sessions and be able to open my own group where I can lead. I just hope I will be as good a

World YMCA letter to the United Nations about Kosovo

The following is a letter sent to the United Nations by the World Alliance of YMCAs. The original can be found in the World YMCA archives in Geneva. *In 2020 the Kosovo movement reached out to Mr. Nick Nightingale having a phone call with him on the 11th Anniversary of the the Republic of Kosovo and recieving a message from him 20 years after this letter.

I finally got the chance by Bleona

I’m Bleona 19 years old,   a  member of YMCA in Prishtina. I have heard about YMCA a few years ago and wanted to be part of it but the YMCA wasnt yet here in Prishtina, However I finally got the chance to join in 2019! Bleona Llugaliu Getting the opportunity to be part of YMCA was a great chance. I am now part of the Leadership progect and have finished the Community level. I have learned things I didn’t know before. Different discussions with my peers was like opening books which shared different thoughts and feelings. I also enjoy chilling time with other YMCA volunteers and our trainers in YMCA’s office where we dance, listen to music, watch movies and make food.   Bleona and her friends in the Leadership Program  My first experience as a workshop leader was in Gjakova, during the 16 Days of Activism to end gender based violence, we organized a workshop with young people from the Gjakova YMCA. Everyone had the space to express their own thoughts and li