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All of us need a place... by Erjona

My name is Erjona Shala, I am 16 years old from Decan, I am in the second year at the gymnasium where I study natural science.  I joined the Youth Leading change programme in February this year, this for me is and will continue to be my best experience otherwise "open-air home" which has offered me and many young people to engage in free activities and various games and events. Erjona during one of her presentations  Group collaboration helps us greatly because we can discuss each and every one of the problems we face, conflict, and develop common perspectives.  Our trainers at any time are willing to advise, accompany, chat with us, and support us regarding all the topics we have learned so far. Erjona and her friends during world challenge I want to be part of the YMCA because we are all equal.  All of us need a place where we can express our thoughts freely, perhaps when we have a week of work overload a place like YMCA that lets us be ourselves. &q

There are no words I can describe, these feelings by Dea

Everything started with an invitation from a friend of mine... "do you want to be part of a youth training?"  Dea at Youth Ambassadors Meeting I accepted without asking any questions, even though I didn't know what the activities were or what we would do there. He said to me that I can invite one of my friends too, so Eli was the one I invited. This is how all started, the beginning wasn’t that good, because one of our trainers left but the other part of my YMCA road was just incredible. I applied to be a trainer for a Leadership group, I got accepted, they choose my group members, I was terrified because I didn’t meet any of them before. But they were my inspiration, they believed in me, worked with me and because of them I continue, I got another group that was as wonderful as the first one. Dea in the meeting with other Boards Members  I got an invitation to go to Norway for the TT festival where I meet a lot of new young people, new cultures it wa