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Taking opportunities

By being part of GWY staff I am having the chance to develop others but my organization is taking care of my development also. Since September I had to skip some of staff meetings because I had to travel in Prishtina for a specialized course called "Basics of community Youth Work" organized from Forum SYD. Martin top right with other participants The course is very interactive and applying effective learning methods. Me and Shqiprim who is from GWY too, are really enjoying this opportunity given us by Forum SYD through George Williams Youth Association. In this training except personal development, I had the chance to meet some people from Local youth councils and other organizations all over Kosovo which is good for the future collaborations. There are some modules part of this course plus one practical placement. The 5th module was held in Albania's capital city, Tirana. We really had fun there and I was part of some powerful sessions for Conflict solving i

Shqiprim Hyseni: Youth Work Training

Through the YMCA i applied and got an scholarship with Forum Syd to study "Basics of youth work". Since the beginning when I started this training it had a great atmosphere. Together with another member from our organization, Martin Berisha we gained  a lot from this opportunity and learned with other participants from all across Kosovo, creating friendly relationships with them. I realized that at the beginning of this journey  we didn't know each other but now i have made friends and contacts for many years to come Shiqiprim top left with other learners . The training started from the middle of September and ended at the start of December, the sweetest moment of this training was the time we spent in Albania where we had a weekend residential and I had an unforgettable time! Modules passed and now just the last one, i feel we have gained so much new knowledge which will help me in my youth work. I have gained some great friends considering i only knew one p