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Arita visits YMCA Finland

My name is Arita and I’m the program coordinator for our after school project here in Kosovo. I got the chance to go on a study visit to YMCA Finland and see up close their work and what  they are doing in their YMCA, including their after school programs. Jenni Enqvist the leader of our field group and National board member of YMCA Finland made this possible for us. Hello Kosovo???  When we first arrived in Helsinki we stayed in the Arthur hotel, this also had space for projects. The hotel was incredible! Afterwards, we had the chance to meet the director Timo Laulaja and one of their staff from the after school program, Tuomas Makela. Their hospitality and what they had organized for us is something I will always remember. Everything went according to the agenda and they presented to us their work. I also got the chance to visit the other halls and rooms where the after school program runs, and I kept telling myself “One day we will be like this too!” Arita checks ou