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Change Agents in Zurich

When somebody mentions Switzerland, everybody will think chocolates, watches and money from all over the world... I will describe Switzerland as peaceful, clean and friendly. Pylljon posing in Zurich     While we, the Change Agents from Kosovo arrived at the Zurich airport, we had that feeling of something new and something unique that will happen. Inside of the city of Zurich I saw black& grey buildings, a clock tower, churches, monuments, bridges that remind me of a past time, a glorious time with small pieces of history, architecture and culture... very rich culture. In every corner of the streets you see a clean place and modest people walking by, always with a smile on their faces. After visiting one the most cultural cities of Europe, together with my YMCA team we arrived out of the city in a greeny forest, where we slept in a traditional Swiss house built in the 19 th century. Over the next days, our team was moved to a suburb side of Zurich in a place c

An Adventure called YEStonia

In March, I was invited on a trip to a place that is very rare to visit for people in Kosovo... Estonia. A very beautiful place with rich culture and good people. For two months we prepared ourselves for this trip, and on 8 th of May we traveled in Estonia for new adventure for 10 days.  The reason that we traveled to Estonia was the YES Seminar and YMCA Europe's General Assembly meeting. First we had 3 days seminar for youth from different countries of Europe, precisely from 25 countries of Europe. For me it was the best experience ever! Getting to know people who are the same age as me and sharing our country experiences, learning from our stories about the situation of the young people right across Europe.  Adelina with other young people from across Europe  Part of the Yes Seminar was the presentation on the role and support of the Erasmus +, their work and support on capacity building and development of the young people in Europe. During those t