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I saw the YMCA's name by Dardan

The first time that I heard about YMCA was while talking with a friend who was already a Peer Trainer at the organisation in Gjakova. Dardan at Youth Ambassadors Meeting I didn’t know what a peer trainer was, he invited me to be part of it but I thought I didn’t have time and I was used to do my daily routine. Part of my routine was playing Basketball which I did three times a week, back then that was my passion and I wanted to know something more about it, while reading about the history of the sport I saw YMCA's name. Then I got interested to be a part of that group that invited me the first time but again I couldn't find time so I continued my daily routine.   One day I decided it just go and try the YMCA, it was very strange being with strangers, but after a great icebreaker we started to get closer each other. Day by day it was fun and it started to feel like family, I learned that Leadership is not a role but it’s a lifestyle, not only this but a lot of different

I am lucky to be part of this family called YMCA by Ariana

I remember the first time I came at the YMCA. Back then we didn’t have a YMCA center, we kept our sessions at a local youth center . Ariana at Youth Ambassadors meeting  I  remember that afternoon it was raining and I didn’t find my umbrella so I got wet and arrived late. My first opinion for the YMCA was a place to have fun and meet new people, I didn’t even imagine that the YMCA in the future is going to be a second family for me. I remember how good and proud I felt when I met Dorina our CEO on the bus while traveling to Prishtina. It was that day when I learned even more about YMCA, also that day Dorina encouraged me to apply for Greece Camp, something that I wasn’t really informed about. I applied I was really happy and lucky to be one of the participants that went to a summer camp somewhere  abroad. Ariana and other participants at UNICEF's event  I started with the leadership program where I created my own group. I also went to Y WoMan training and YMCA

A challenge that made me stronger by Diona

For me it was a challenge that I started doing with pleasure.  A challenge that made me stronger! A challenge that made me feel better, and with the safest positively in the things I do in life. A challenge that makes me understand that starting from me I can change the world! Diona volunteering in the library                                                                         In life we choose if we want to be bad or good, we create ourselves, our character and personality, but whatever we create, a monster or an angle, everything depends on the environment that surrounds us! Family, relatives , friends and everything that happens to us is the reason for all the virtues that we warm ourselves, whether it is good or bad! Volunteering at  the YMCA Birthday      But, change does not depend on anything that happens around us. It does not depend on the world that surrounds you, but from the inside of your heart, spirit, mind, desire, passion, dreams