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Adi in Yerevan

Dear friends, let me first thank everyone within our movement for trusting me to represent them. It’s no secret that Kosovo has been involved in the peace institute for years, even hosting a conference back in 2007. When I first met young people from Kosovo it was during a peace conference in Prague and now 2 years later I find myself speaking on behalf of our movement. Before i arrived in Yerevan i was told it was similar to Kosovo, but that was not the impression i got. Like Kosovo it has stunning scenery and there is rich history. There is plenty of new buildings being developed and the backdrop of mountains again left me breathless. Armenia doesn't accept the Kosovo passport so there was extra pressure on myself to speak on behalf of our movement, this will one day change but brings home the reality we face as a movement in Kosovo about giving our youth international opportunities. The training in Yerevan was the second stage in the current process, after Istanbul in O