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Qendresa at the Democracy Conference

My name is Qendresa and recently GWY (YMCA Kosovo) gave me the chance to go to France for a Three Nations Democracy conference at YMCA Salm. When i first applied i was not sure if i am going to be chosen so the waiting part was not easy, then one morning i opened my computer and i read that i was accepted... i was so happy i was jumping in the air! Qendresa with her Kosovo T shirt at YMCA Salm After preparing the documents for visas we traveled  to Skopje airport and it was my first ever flight! I was a bit nervous and scared but everything went well and we landed in Basel and then traveled by train to where we had to meet the trainers.We all had a really great time traveling together and meeting the trainers was great as they were very nice and friendly.  When we arrived met the rest of the group, very lovely people. The place we stayed was a very beautiful house near the lake with  a beautiful mountain surrounding. The town was a bit far and we did not have an inte