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History of Work in Yugoslavia (1920's Report)

THE YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN  ASSOCIATION HISTORY OF WORK IN YUGOSLAVIA       I)           YMCA  WORK IN GENERAL     II)           YMCA WORK AMONG BOYS Y.M.C.A.  WORK IN GENERAL The foundation of the Christian activities among the laymen in our country was laid down by Dr. John R. Mott in April 1911. Dr. Mott has visited the University in Belgrade at that time , and a direct consequence of his conferences the Student Christian Movement begun. And and has continued its active work under splendid leadership of Dr. Marco Lecco, former Rector of the University. These activities has been purely spiritual  and limited only to the students and  professors of the University. At that time we had no other Christian laymen’s movement. The name of the Young Men’s Christian Association was known only in a limited circle. The wars in 1912 and 1913, when Serbia had to fight for her freedom, together with the great European war, interrupted the steady development of the nation, but i

I'm so thankful to the YMCA by Etnik

The first training with the YMCA was in February 2013, many years ago from now, and what can I say except share my story with you... Our Youth Ambassador Etnik   I ejoined this organisation because  I was looking for some new experiences from my daily routine, and the only opportunity was the YMCA, because it was the first organisation that opened the doors for young people in our municipality. Etnik with France participants and Secretary General Johan Vilhelm Eltvik The first day at the YMCA is unforgettable, meeting 20 new people which had different experiences and stories and were ready to share them with you, experience at the YMCA had its ups and downs, starting from problems with youth center, which wasn’t always open, and that constrained the  training's to be held in different spaces, but as a young boy that was looking for new experiences I decided to be Leadership trainer. From the first session I had to lead a group of  25 young people and it was f