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Regional Youth Peace Camp 2013

The Regional Youth Peace Camp is held in Prishtina from 13 th till 20 th of September and really successfully accomplished to get together young people from different countries that used to be in war just a few years ago: Kosovo, Albanian, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. At the first look it doesn’t sound very interesting, but it was! The first night people were cold with each other as nobody knew each anyone, but everything start next morning. The first person I meet was my roommate Jetmir from Macedonia, we stayed there in our room talking for about 15 minutes and then decided to go and meet the others. It wasn’t anything big because we were from countries that have been in war. But it wasn’t how everyone was expecting and we started talking to each other and started sharing our experiences on that great sunny morning that made the atmosphere even better. Days were passing and on the third day everyone felt like it was more than just three days that passed in