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Rina: NGO Obligations and Tax Administration conference

I'm Rina Domi, economist at the YMCA, I joined the movement in November 2014 in the position of finance officer. For the first time I had the opportunity to exercise my profession, another benefit from this organization was the advancement of my knowledge by being part of a two-day training held by KCSF with the topic: "reporting procedures and obligations of NGOs to the Tax Administration of Kosovo". Rina (right) with Glera and Dorina in one of our shops Topics of particular significance that were discussed were the t reatment of NGOs for payroll taxes and pension contributions, treatment of NGOs for tax on rent, reporting purchases over 500 Euros, VAT Refunds and declaring through the electronic EDI system. For those not familiar here is briefly each topics points:  Working hard at the conference At the end of this training, the trainer told us a few changes that are expected to be made in the laws, such as that of VAT which will increase the basi

Week of Women 2015

  My name is Adelina Qarri, and I’m very happy to be part of the international organization YMCA, empowering youth all over the world.   My role is to coordinate the program called Y Women/Man with the project focusing on gender equality. The project also helps youth to continue education and take leadership roles in order to promote new standards for gender equality in our society that it is still patriarchal. Adelina at Week of Women 2015   During the 23rd-27th March of 2015 I was part of the training held by NDI Kosovo called Week of Women. It was a great experience for me knowing and sharing our stories with one hundred women from Kosovo coming from different sectors. Panel of experts The theme of this year’s week of women was Rule of Law, with panel discussions on different themes like domestic violence, corruption, women in security sector, and most important sexual victims from the last war in Kosovo. We learned a lot from the stories of power woman from Kosovo