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Nol Ajeti at the Prague Festival 2013

Hi, I am Nol Ajeti from Prishtina, through GWY (YMCA in Kosovo) I had the opportunity for a fantastic journey to Prague, Czech Republic and a short stop in Dubrovnik, Croatia this summer. Nol (center) with Migjen and Rinor Every five years an international festival takes place in Prague. As part of the group from Kosovo I am very satisfied with this opportunity, taking into consideration the lack of possibilities to travel abroad, events like this are always welcomed for Kosovo youngsters. Also it should be mentioned that the nature of Love2Live Festival in Prague, was very inspirational and positive! With different musical performances, theater, dances and a lot of attractive workshops, this gave people from all over the world to get to know each other, sharing ideas, experiences and learning about and from different cultures. Nol being interviewed on main stage I was lucky during my stay in Prague, I was asked to give a short interview about my opinions on the festiv