An unforgettable adventure by Jora

When I first found out that I was chosen to go to London for YMCA 175 I was too excited, not only because I was going to London but also it was my first time in an airplane and my first time in an international event with YMCA. As days went by, the 3rd of August finally came. After a day of traveling, we saw our self in London. I still couldn't believe it. For the event, we had to take part in different workshops that were held by different countries around the world. We also had to lead a workshop "TenSing in a new country" which was on the last day of the event. The first day was amazing... It was the opening of the event where our ambassador Florent Abrashi sang some amazing songs, creating a wonderful atmosphere. The second day went great.

Jora with Era, Dea, and Diona at YMCA175

 I took part on workshops about wellness, leadership, and inclusion, which made me learn a lot about those topics and I’m happy that I can share that knowledge with our youth. Also, we met some friends from Frost Valley. They were so kind and friendly.

Jora during her workshop

In the 3rd day, we went on a tour to see all the main points of the city, like the London Eye, London Bridge, museums, etc. We had so much fun, it was an awesome experience. Time was running so fast because of the fun we had, the joy was irreplaceable. The last day came. During the day I took part on a workshop from Island with a lot of games and dancing. 

Jora with Kosovo delegation at the Tower Bridge

We also held our workshop about TenSing which was a success. The closing ceremony was held in the evening which I can say was stunning. During this time in London, I met a lot of new people from different parts of the world. We were so different but yet we had one thing in common which was YMCA. I'm so thankful that I was part of an event like this one. It was definitely something that I will always remember. It was an unforgettable adventure. In this case, I would like to show my full appreciation and gratitude towards the YMCA for making this trip happen. I always wanted to see London and its cultural goods.


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