I had the opportunity to gain an experience that I can share with everyone by Diona

A trip to London…
The journey we undertook had a purpose: Attending the YMCA175 event, where we as a delegation from Kosovo had the honor of sharing the beautiful work of our youth with the world, how they help the community, empower youth and how it has impacted and continues to impact, influence. The YMCA is a place where young people can make a difference and feel valued in their community.

Diona with the YMCA Kosovo Delegation in the YMCA 175 event

I am fortunate to have the honor and privilege to be part of leading one of the many workshops of that event where I had the opportunity to share our culture and the role of young people from my country in empowering youth and changing socializing with people who were eagerly attending and involved in the session we had prepared!

Diona during her workshop 

Also, during this time I had the opportunity to participate in various workshops where I had the opportunity to get to know a large number of people from all over the world, with a diversity of cultures, with their work and how they wanted to influence for a change! I had the opportunity to gain an experience that I can share with everyone else so that they can feel the positive impact this event has had on thousands of young people!

Diona with her new friends from all over the world

We ended this trip by embarking on a long but beautiful walk around London, where we had the pleasure of visiting and getting to know the places that made this city unique!

Diona with the YMCA in Kosovo delegation visited London


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