Memorable experiences by Shpat

When I first found out about the existence of an organization like the YMCA in Kosovo that supports youth empowerment, I did not show any interest, but I decided to go to the leadership project and see what activities does this organization.

Shpat Ramosaj

Right from the first meeting I realized that the idea of ​​coming in was not a mistake, but I was very happy and decided to continue. During those first weeks I really had a great time and memorable experiences, at the same time we were trained about leadership and having a great time with friends. In addition to leadership training, the YMCA made me expand my social network with new friends and strengthen my relationship with old ones.

Shpat and his friends during the leadership training

 The days at the YMCA were memorable, I would recommend to any young person to join the YMCA because such experiences should not be missed and must be experienced!


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