YMCA is where I feel free to be myself by Erblina Mahaj

I’m Erblina, an 18 year old volunteer in the YMCA. I really wanted to be part of the organization ever since I heard of it.

Erblina at her TenSing painting group

I learned many things that I didn’t know before, things that aren’t discussed even in classrooms. YMCA is where I feel free to be myself and the people there make you feel like you’re part of a family. What I liked most about the sessions in the Ten Sing program is that besides drawing we have the chance to make friends, play a bit of music and discuss different topics each session.

Erblina during her Leadership session drawing her perfect leader

When I first became a trainer of the Arts group in the Ten Sing program, I and the participants found the space to express our creativity and try new things. I wasn’t sure I would be great at helping them learn more about art, but afterwards, I started feeling more comfortable and shared with them what I knew about drawing and painting.

Being part of the Leadership program and completing 3 modules has also helped me a lot with my leadership skills and helped me become the best leader I can be.

I enjoy being part of the organization and trust me when I say that the YMCA is the best thing we can be part of.


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