Bouquets of beautiful memories by Avnora

My name is Avnora Morina from Gjakova municipality and I belong to the Egyptian community. I first heard about the YMCA at Bethany Christian Service  February  2016 and have been a part of this youth organization ever since.

Avnora and other participants from Leadership training

I started with the Leadership program for which I am the first generation of the community to participate in such activities. This group had a variety of ethnicities and we have completed 4 levels of this program, during this time we have learned a lot about leadership, developed critical thinking and gained confidence. Communication with others as a young person was very important to me, because it opened new doors and each door had a new friend which helped me when I needed them.

Avnora with her Leadership group

After all this time I have opened my own Leadership group and also participated in TenSing groups and the Y WoMan gender project. With the YMCA I have had the opportunity to participate in round-tables on various topics where this has helped me to expand my knowledge, and at the same time enabled me to get to know different decision makers and people from certain fields.

Avnora during Question time event in Gjakova

The YMCA has offered me the opportunity to be part of international training, one of them being the Innovation Camp in Switzerland, where I had great time meeting new people and ethnicities and at the same time learn something different. After I came back I was asked to be a Youth Ambassador for the organisationn where I can contribute with my  knowledge and experinece new ideas for organisation and the strategy for the organization.

Avnora and her friends in Innovation Camp Switzerland

In addition to the certificates I received from the YMCA, I have benefited in different ways like: creating new friends, challenging myself, but more importantly I have always received bouquets of beautiful memories. Recently the YMCA offered me the opportunity to become a staff member and during this time I have learned many new things that help me build my career.


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