The three days of the UPSHIFT were fantastic by Arbios

I am Arbios Byci 15 years old from Gjakova. I am part of the project "Cultural Heritage" that derived out of UPSHIFT: Social Impact Workshop.

Arbios Byci

Our group has come to conclusion that Gjakova citizens and its visitors, have limited or no access of information about cultural heritage, so we decided to develop a website that contains information about cities cultural sights. The website will help people to find all cultural places that Gjakova has to offer. We were informed about this opportunity when YMCA staff came to our school and informed us about it.

Arbios with his group working in their project

The three days of the UPSHIFT workshop were fantastic and we had a great time. Activities were very attractive, of which, I found quite challenging and attractive combination of activity called “Three Why’s” and “The Problem Tree” an activity that enabled us to find solution to our raised problem.

Besides having a great time with peers and mentors, I have developed critical thinking, problem
solving and presentation skills. This was a time well spent with activities and lots of work.


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