I just can’t wait to go there by Anila

I’m Anila Mati, 15 years old from Gjakova. For the past few years I’ve been part of the YMCA in Kosovo. I heard about YMCA from my friends and I was curious to be part of it. At first I started in the Leadership program with the Community module which is the first level, now I’m on the last level which is the 5th one. I’ve also attended the Y Woman program, “Podium”, “Upshift” (UNICEF projects) and now I’m a peer trainer in the Leadership project.

Anila with friends during Y Women training

I’ve created unforgettable memories and that’s why I can’t even decide which one is my favorite. Recently I’ve been very interested in the “Mental Health” program and I can’t wait to join that next!

In general YMCA helped me a lot in different ways. I became more socialized with new people which I’m very close with now, I did volunteer work, I became a leader etc. Now I’m very open to try new things such as different programs in YMCA and meet new people. YMCA is like my second home because it gives me that warm feeling. I just can’t wait to go there.

I’ve joined Y Woman because I thought that the program and the topic was very interesting, and it is. I always wanted to be more informed about gender equality, feminism, masculism, etc.

For now the best lesson I learned was the difference between feminism, masculism and sexism. We also did a lot of activities and small projects that helped us learn and understand them. While I was in Y Woman I had the opportunity to express my own thoughts related to the topic even when I was wrong. We all had our different opinions, but the important thing is that in the end we all agreed for the same thoughts, if we didn't we accepted that fact.

Anila with her group during a presentation in Y Woman training

I think my message for everyone comes from this quote: “Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.” – Kofi Annan.


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