It's Different from school by Adonis

I'm Adonis Babuni, a 16 years old boy from Gjakova. I attended many YMCA training sessions including: Tensing Vlogging, Leadership and Y Woman...

Adonis at the Gjakova Y

The fact that everyone here comes with a smile and leaves with one too is just awesome. I feel to express myself and also happy to listen to my trainers and friends.

I had a desire to do volunteer work somewhere, sometimes, but the YMCA makes that desire stand out.To be honest I heard very little about the Y Woman project and what is SDG 5 is, so I'm happy I came here and learned all this new stuff. The thing is that it’s different from school, and here we also have fun!

As a guy I honestly didn't expect to have so much fun learning about gender equality. I'm glad that there are other guys with the same thoughts about the Y Woman project as me, and other groups with guys as well. I learned that gender equality isn't something only one gender should know, that's why it's called gender equality. I'm always down to learn new stuff especially when they it can come in handy in the near future. It's nice learning and knowing that no gender is superior to another. But sadly that's not common in my city or near places as well, an example for the same job people get treated and paid differently, that’s something that we also discussed during the training. Looks don't get you a good future, it gives you a good present that doesn't last, smartness does. It's sad that it's vice versa here. But YMCA is a place for us to start changing this.

Adonis during Y Woman training

What we discuss here it's not only about us, participants of Y Woman, but for all humans in general. Every lesson we talked about was something on its own. Y Woman made me attend more of these types of groups because you never know what you will find, who knows maybe you will find yourself!


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