Mentoring wonderful teenagers by Shpat

I am Shpat Kozgori, co-founder of the Advertising Agency LEVEL, based in Prishtina.

Shpat Kozgori

The opportunity to become a mentor became real by CSR Network of whom I am grateful for this opportunity. I was a mentor for "PODIUM: Advocacy for Change Workshop" organized and implemented by YMCA with the support of UNICEF. The three-day program was at the Innovation HUB Gjakova, and was a great experience for me to mentor those wonderful teenagers.

Shpat monitoring his group in PODIUM Workshop

The best moment for me was seeing the girls on the team sharing their ideas together and working as a real squad for a positive change in the community!

Shpat with his group during certificate day 

I also like to note the positivity in the YMCA and the atmosphere of the working team there, they did an outstanding job.


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