UPSHIFT - The most amazing experience by Alda

My name is Alda Muhaxhiri. I’m 16 years old and a student of gymnasium “Hajdar Dushi” in Gjakova.

Alda at Innovation HUB Gjakova

I was a  participant in the UPSHIFT event which lasted 3 days but I can say that throughout these 3 days I’ve had the most amazing experience and had spent the most beautiful days with the amazing staff and the smart, supportive people that were with me.

Alda and her group working in their project

Our project idea was to make a student’s application for universities of theBalkans, but there were people who also came up with amazing ideas such as; technological school library or the Cultural Heritage. I can’t really choose which project was the best because they all had their importance.

I have learnt and explored my experience on this group project which includes a number of elements such as analysing articles and writing annotated essays of different articles. I also had access to learning tools like online resources, textbook material  which helped me improve my writing skills as well as my ability to understand materials effectively.

Alda with her mentor and group after certification in UPSHIFT

I like UPSHIFT because this project has given me many benefits from using group work as part of teaching and learning activities in this project.


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