I look forward to next time I come to the YMCA! by Elsa

I'm Elsa Gashi, and I participate in programs: Leadership, Building Bridges and Y-Woman.

Elsa Gashi

In each of these programs I have had various experiences that have inspired me to join other training, which I do with great pleasure and which brings me a lot of positivity and gives me the space to express my thoughts and ideas freely. After coming to this centre I am fed with knowledge about different topics which after each session I just become curious to know more, to say what I think, to hear what others think, I look forward to next time I come to the YMCA!

Elsa and her friends during Y Woman training

My experience at Y Woman has just begun and I love every session more and more. There are topics that many of us need more information about, where the many activities we do are contributing to quench our thirst and at the same time increase our thirst for knowledge.

My favorite topic from this program so far is "Prejudice and Stereotypes". The reason why this topic has caught my attention a little more than others is because we have all realized how prejudice and stereotypes can affect the lives of each of us, which may be why people feel insecure about themselves, lower our love for ourselves, make us think that we are worthless, that we are not enough, and there are even numerous cases where they can have impacts that exceed boundaries and have severe consequences. Where prejudices and stereotypes play an important role in our lives, many people do not feel comfortable being themselves, they simply make us believe in untrue things and think that only that way is right / wrong. So, by discussing this topic, we have realized how wrong it is to prejudge someone without knowing anything about them or the things they have gone through and that stereotypes do not have to stop us from traveling to the things we want to do / achieve.


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