That's why I wanted to be part of Y Woman! by Rumejsa

My name is Rumejsa Zeka, and I am 15 years old. I go to Bedri Pejani Gymnasium in the Municipality of Peja.

Rumejsa at Gjakova Y

Lately I started to be part of this organisation, as every beginner I am attending Leadership training and Y Woman program. I feel great at the Y, the first thing to note is that I have to thank the people who recommended me to go there.Until now everything went really well and all the sessions for both programs were a success and I am more than pleased. I think going to different activities or training is very important for each individual.
Rumejsa during Y Women training

For myself, I really wanted to go to Y Woman because of seeing how it has affected my feelings and my self-esteem increases with more desire to get there. Every topic, every activity that has been discussed there affects the human being.

Y Woman is a group or otherwise training that has influenced my mind development and my abilities. So from this gender equality training I have accepted that we only judge from the outside.My favorite topic was when we talked and did a lot of activities about Prejudice and Stereotypes. My group was involved in a more advanced way, where we have discussed and involved different examples of the topic, that even as individuals or countries we need a little bit more of these training to deal with any kind of situations that we will happen in the near future.

That's why I wanted to be part of Y Woman!

As a woman, even knowing how much potential women have in general, I will try to pass on all the news and information that I learned in the program to generation after generation trying to push people around the world to see in a variety of colors and not everything looks like that. I have the conviction that I can get this thought that I have because the moment you have a calm of mind and heart you are less affected by emotion and you can make the right choices.


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