We can strive to protect our planet on a daily basis by Zana

I am Zana Shala a young girl from Gjakova. I have been taking part in the Environment Program at the Innovation HUB, Gjakova since February 2019.

Zana Shala

The program is quite compelling as it teaches young people about the destruction of the environment all over the world. I decided to roll up to the program as soon as I saw the call; and I have immediately applied online.

Zana with her group

The sessions are attractive and amusing as they run with groups though quizzes and group challenges, where we are tested on how much we know about the environment, climate change, environmental resources and global warming. Besides group work, all activities are further developed through debates and discussions. 

So far, I have learned a lot about: Climate Change, why does it happen? who causes it? how to prevent it? what are the greenhouse gases? and many other topics. I come to know that climate change is happening now and it is threatening our existence.

Zana during her project presantation

But, I strongly believe that: “We can strive to protect our planet on a daily basis, with all of our


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