UPSHIFT - help your community for a better future! by Melisa

My name is Melisa Glogjani, I am a 10th grade student at “Hajdar Dushi” Gymnasium, in Gjakova.

As for the UPSHIFT project I was introduced by YMCA staff, organized and delivered in our school. I was attracted immediately and noticed that it is a good opportunity to gain knowledge and to contribute to my community.

Melisa with her group

UPSHIFT  was one of my best experiences so far, since I learned so many new things there.
Starting from team work, sharing ideas and experiences with peers from different schools, and
developing ideas into projects. During the UPSHIFT workshop I have learned what it is like to conduct a presentation in front of many people, which I have gained confidence that I didn’t have before.
Melisa whith her group working in the project

Our project was about IT importance and usefulness in our daily life. Therefore, we developed
a project in order to equip youngsters of Gjakova Municipality with IT skills.

Melisa with her group during UPSHIFT certification day

Doing a project at UPSHIFT will remain one of the best moments for me as I realized how
important is to help your community for a better future!


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